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Saudi End of Service

Guide on End of Service Calculator Saudi

Embarking on the conclusion of your employment journey in Saudi Arabia? The Saudi End of Service Calculator is your essential companion, providing clarity and precision in assessing your entitled benefits.…
emergency leave in saudi Arabia

Rules for Emergency Leave in Saudi Labor Law

Emergency leave in Saudi Arabia is a crucial employment aspect, that provides a shelter to cope with the unpredictable crises. In fact, employees usually find relief in the law provisions that…
salary certificate

How to Issue a Salary Certificate?

The salary certificate is a highly important document for both employers and employees. This is because it contains all the information about the compensation of a worker based on the…
Overtime work according to Saudi Labor Law

Overtime Working Hours in the Saudi Labor System

Overtime work according to Saudi Labor Law are determined in accordance with a set of standards and controls that preserve the rights of workers and protect them from any abuse,…