Understanding HR Software Pricing: Factors to Consider When Evaluating Costs

hr software pricing

The Ultimate Guide to HR Software Pricing in Saudi Arabia

HR operations are difficult to manage in Saudi Arabia, as it is filled with challenges that might directly impact the growth of the company. In regard to this, Saudi Arabia has always been concerned about hiring top-notch HR. In spite of the fact of getting the people in-house, still, the process often felt uncoordinated and misaligned.

It increases the need for HR Software in Saudi Arabia. It enhanced due to the changing workplace dynamics and market conditions. These HRMS are automated and will streamline & simplify HR tasks.

In this blog, we will break down the HR software pricing that aids businesses in streamlining their HR processes.


Clarify HR Software Costs: A Detailed Breakdown

As per the data, the HR software cost ranges between $25 to $360 per employee per year. The monthly cost ranges from  $2 to $30 per employee per month.

The cost may vary from company to company. The more the teams the more the cost. The plans they use vary and the contract times they’ve committed to vary.

If you have this question in mind how much does HR software cost, then hold on! We have discussed the different HR software price comparison and their average cost per employee.


Average Cost of HRIS System Per Employee

Here is the average cost of HRIS system per employee:

  • Bamboo HR: It is recorded that Bamboo software costs $76 per employee per year and $6.3 per employee per month.
  • Gusto: As per the data, the Gusto software is priced at $108 per employee per year and $9 per employee per month.
  • Paycor: We gather data and according to this, Paycor costs $238 per employee per year and $19.8 per employee per month.
  • Rippling: The Rippling prices are $112 per employee per year and $9.3 per employee per month.
  • SaplingHR: The Sapling HR software costs $83 per employee per year and $6.9 per employee per month.

hr software price

Determining HR Software Packages and Additional Costs

Companies as per their requirement acquire software packages. Apart from software pricing, there are some additional charges on acquiring software. Some of the charges related to software has been discussed in detail.

Basic Package: Small businesses often purchase basic HR software packages with essential features like employee records management and leave tracking. The cost of these basic packages start at 100 SAR per employee per month.

Mid-tier Package: A mid-tier HR software package acquired by companies with few employees. They offer additional features such as recruitment, performance management, and payroll processing. It ranges from 200 SAR to 400 SAR per employee per month. It depends on the number of users and complexity of the features.

Enterprise Package: An enterprise-level package offers integration capabilities, advanced customization options, and comprehensive support services. The cost of the enterprise package starts at 500 SAR or sometimes more depending on the user per month.

Implementation Costs: It costs from 5,000 SAR to 20,000 SAR, or depending on the implementation complexity and the support level required.

Training Fees: Training sessions might incur additional costs. It typically ranges from 1,000 SAR to 5,000 SAR per session. The cost depends on the duration and level of customization.

Support and Maintenance: Maintenance fees as well as ongoing support could be included as the part of the subscription cost or sometimes charged separately. The support and maintenance cost could be 10% or 20% of the annual subscription fee.

Customization and Integration: The customization depends on the scope of work. It budgets from 10,000 SAR to 50,000 SAR or more..

Important Note: 

This should be kept in mind that these are rough estimates. The actual pricing may vary based on:

  • Negotiations
  • Discounts, and the
  • Specific requirements of your organization.

To get the detailed and actual pricing, get quotes from HR software vendors in Saudi Arabia that are tailored to your needs.


Smart Budgeting Strategies for HR Software

Unlocking ROI: Analyzing HR Software Costs

Here are the steps you can take to calculate the ROI of buying HR software:

  • Determination of the costs of purchasing/implementing the HR software
  • The Financial Benefits of Using the HR Software
  • Expected cost savings calculations
  • It’s a final step, now calculate the ROI


Choosing the Right HR Software: Vendor Comparison Guide

Navigating HR Software Implementation Costs

A superhero sidekick for HR professionals, an HR software management tool proved to be a game changer for companies. It helps streamline and automate different HR processes which makes life a whole lot easier for HR teams.

Below, we break down the total estimates:


Cost Ranges

Basic off-the-shelf Solution $10,000-$50,000
Customized Solution $50,000-$150,000+
Advanced Feature Set $150,000-$500,000+
Enterprise Solution $500,000-$1500,000


Overcoming Integration Hurdles in HR Software

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Saudi Arabia society values trust and face-to-face interactions. It may differ from the automated digital nature of recruitment software platforms
  • Language barrier: Communication effectively is essential for successful recruitment. If there is a language barrier then it hinders the adoption of recruitment software in Saudi Arabia.
  • Compliance with Shariah Law: Operating under Sharia law which imposes unique legal and regulatory requirements on HR software in Saudi Arabia which makes hurdles for companies to use it
  • Data Security and Privacy Concerns: It’s an important concern for companies. During the recruitment process, the applicant tracking system works and collects the sensitivity of personal and professional information

Choosing the Best HR Software Support Services

Understanding HR Software Upgrade Expenses

Each company utilizes different HR software packages. Upgrade expenses are solely dependent on the HR software pricing, the duration of packages, and the number of employees in the organization for which software is acquired.

Feature Analysis: Choosing HR Software Based on Key Features

We discover key features of HR management tools, and based on them you can make a decision:

  • BambooHR: Top HRIS Vendor with Flexible HR Software Pricing
  • Paycor: Great HRIS for US-Based Teams
  • Rippling: HRIS & Advanced Spend Management
  • Sapling: Soundly-Built, Remote-First HRIS

This will help you to opt for the HR software based on your company’s requirements


Mastering HR Software Price Negotiations

Leveraging HR software to ease the process is essential nowadays. However, it is more expensive to get things done with softwares than human involvement. Here are a few tips to negotiate effectively:

  • If you want to minimize the long-term costs, then you have to get the low subscription fee
  • If you want to minimize your one-year cost, then you have to focus on the set-up and implementation costs
  • Want to manage cash flow? Then you have to focus on the payment terms



Utilizing HR software for recruitment is fruitful and challenging at the same time. To simplify the HR process, we can’t deny how beneficial these tools are. But given that, we can’t neglect the ifs and buts when acquiring these HR softwares among which HR software pricing is a big constraint.

However, as the world becomes more digitalized the need for digital devices and softwares is also a need of an hour!

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