Ruling On Delaying Salaries in the Saudi Labor Law

Ruling on Delaying salaries in the Saudi Labor Law

Ruling on Delaying salaries in the Saudi Labor Law The salary system is one of the programs that aims to provide a suitable work environment for employees in the private sector. The system allows for maintaining employee rights and achieving transparency. It is worth noting that this system monitors the processes related to the payment of wages.

Men and women working in the private sector, whether Saudis or expatriates. The salary system in the Saudi Labor Law aims to provide an appropriate and fair work environment for employees in the private sector, as the system allows for preserving employee rights and achieving transparency in the payment of wages.

The system stipulates that it is not permissible to tamper with the payment of wages, and that the employer is obligated to pay wages on the date specified in the employment contract. In addition, the Wage Protection System protects private sector workers from arbitrary reductions in their wages by employers.

When there is a delay in paying salaries, the worker can file a complaint with the Labor Office to claim his rights. The employer must compensate the worker in the event of delayed salaries, and the worker has the right to leave work if the situation continues unchanged. We must respect the rights of employees and commit to paying wages on time in accordance with the Saudi Labor Law.

What is the Responsibility Resulting From Delaying Salaries According to the Labor Office’s System Regarding Delaying Salaries ?

Delay in paying salaries creates a state of economic instability and produces a negative impact whose consequences extend from the institution, the company, the worker, or the employee to the entire society, where it creates a state of stagnation and a mismatch between inputs and outputs.

There is a shortage in covering costs and expenditures, not to mention the severe negative impact on the employee from his inability to secure his family’s needs, pay his rent, or provide health care for his family members.

They are essential things for life that are covered by the salary. Imagine that a person does not have a resource for three months. What will he rely on? How much debt has he accumulated that he will be unable to repay? How many things will he postpone until he receives his salary?

Here lies the ugliness of this immoral act in terms of delaying salaries. The employer may not be late in paying the salary, but the worker may not be spared under these harsh circumstances. Cases of complaints have appeared in which a salary value is paid that is less than the value of the real salary that the worker was receiving. Or a value lower than what was agreed upon in the contract, under the pretext that the economic crisis has affected the organization’s work and that production is no longer spent as before.

Unfortunately, the worker alone was the cause of this economic crisis, and the solution to this crisis depends on reducing his salary.

Dear reader, we care about your pain and realize the extent to which you see your rights being taken away from you and you are unable to do anything.

For this reason, we chose to try to reduce your suffering with some legal information and concepts that will lead you to specific points towards which you are moving.

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In the commendable role of the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry carried out its campaign to follow up on the procedures and obligations for paying salaries by organizing inspection visits to the company or institution, following up on the issue of paying salaries on time, and verifying this with accuracy and serious follow-up.

Prosecuting institutions or companies that are negligent in paying salaries and transferring the case from the labor office to the court.

Ruling on Delaying Salaries in the Saudi Labor Law

Through our acquaintance with the penalty for delaying salaries in the Saudi Labor Law, we now present to you the most important provisions and steps that are taken by the responsible authorities in the event of delayed payment of salaries to workers in the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has identified some cases that fall within the delay in disbursing salaries to workers in the country, which are as follows:

  • In the event that the salary is not paid on the date previously specified in the employment contract.
  • Paying the salary to the body that violates the terms previously agreed upon in the employment contract.
  • Delaying the placement of the worker’s monthly file in the Wage Protection Program.

In the event that a complaint is issued regarding one of the previous cases to the responsible authorities in the country, the responsible authorities conduct an inspection tour of the labor institution, and this increase results in some decisions, which are as follows:

  • Delaying the payment of salary for a month may require a quick and immediate inspection of the institution.
  • If the payment of employee benefits is stopped for two consecutive months, the institution will be suspended from work.
  • However, in the event that the payment of workers’ salaries is delayed for more than this, the worker has the right to terminate the employment contract, taking into account the employer’s responsibility to pay all the worker’s overdue financial dues.
  • However, if the worker does not have Saudi citizenship, in this case he has the right to transfer his sponsorship to another person, without obtaining the employer’s approval.

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