Maternity Leave in Saudi Arabia – Comprehensive Guide in 2024

maternity leave in saudi arabia

Indeed, maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is of special importance because it secures the health of mothers and their families while strengthening family ties. Over the past few years, maternity policies have changed quite a bit to meet the varying demands of working mothers. Hence, pregnant and new mothers should know well the complexity of maternity leave.

In this article, we discuss the advantages of maternity leave and eligibility requirements as well as assistance offered for those who choose to take it. We also make sure that expectant and new mothers walk through this critical stage with confidence. Studying maternity leave we find its importance for mothers and their children. More than just a vacation, it is the time set aside to foster family wellbeing.

What is Maternity Leave?

maternity leave in saudi arabia

Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is a significant phase that allows pregnant or new mothers to have some time out of work. The Saudi Arabian maternity leave recognizes the need to assist women during this critical phase.

This period usually lasting about 10 weeks is aimed at promoting physical healing after childbirth, and the development of early mother-infant attachment. The maternity leave in KSA is far more than a temporary absence from work; it serves as an affirmation of the rights to well-being for both mother and child.

Knowing the importance of what is maternity leave helps mothers to make clear-minded decisions on when and how they take this type of leaves. This measure is a supplementary one and contributes to the overall health of both mother and child.

Maternity Leave in Saudi Arabia: Benefits

Reduction in Stress Levels

Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia provides a lot of advantages, most importantly reducing the stress level of mothers. We cannot overstate the significance of this stress reduction, contributing to a healthier transition into motherhood, for example:

  • Physical and Mental Recovery: Maternity leave Saudi Arabia is a special time for mothers to recuperate physically after childbirth. This period enables them to concentrate on recuperation and adapting with the challenges of new motherhood.
  • Bonding Opportunities: Being away from the workplace allows mothers to spend quality time bonding with their newborns. This continuous link helps to lower stress levels and as a result, both the mother and child benefit from this.
  • Flexible Schedule: There is a maternity leave in Saudi Arabia which recognizes the harshness of motherhood. The freedom offered enables mothers to plan their time well, thus minimizing the pressure that comes with combining work and child rearing.
  • Emotional Well-being: Maternity leave promotes the mental health of mothers, providing a break from work stresses. This reprieve enables them to focus on self-love and wellbeing.

Create Strong Bonding Between Parents and Child

Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is a critical time that forms an essential and irreplaceable relationship between parents and their newborns. This era appreciates the importance of family ties and mother’s as well father’s health.

  • Quality Time Together: Maternity leave gives parents an opportunity to bond with their newborns, ensuring a deep emotional attachment.
  • Shared Responsibilities: In Saudi Arabia, maternity leave facilitates the division of roles between parents which leads to better cooperation and communication.
  • Learning and Growing Together: The common period of caring for a newborn during maternity leave is an exciting journey to parents.
  • Cultural Integration for Expats: Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia for expats exposes them to the local culture and helps in creating a family that is not only made up of their blood but which has adopted other members into its fold.
  • Strengthening Family Values: The attachment during the maternity leave provides a starting point for inculcating vital family values in the child.
  • Lasting Impact on Child’s Development: Due to this secure attachment, the child’s social and emotional development is positively affected.

Assist in the Development of the Baby

Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is more than just benefiting the mother, it significantly contributes to the complete development of a newborn. Then, here is how:

  • Early Cognitive Stimulation: While on maternity leave in Saudi Arabia, mothers engage the baby mentally to stimulate cognitive development. Reading, talking and playing become parts of daily routines.
  • Establishing Emotional Security: Infants develop emotional security due to the constant presence of their mother. This secure attachment has a positive impact on emotional intelligence and builds the basis for stable relationships in further life.
  • Promoting Physical Growth: The maternity leave in KSA offers mothers enough time to concentrate on preparing healthy meals and ensuring the baby’s general well-being. The provision of regular breastfeeding, enabled by the mother’s accessibility, comes with a physical development in an infant.
  • Encouraging Language Acquisition: The continuous contact with the mother improves a baby’s language. Talk, lullabies and stories become integral elements of this language-enriched environment.

Enhance Mother’s Mental Health

Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia contributes significantly to enhancing a mother’s mental health through various supportive measures, in summary:

  • Flexibility in Schedule: Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia enables mothers to adjust their schedules, thus reducing stress and fostering relaxation.
  • Emotional Well-being: The continuous time with the newborn nourishes emotional balance and fulfilment.
  • Reduced Anxiety: The fact that there is job security during maternity leave in KSA reduces anxiety which leads to a peaceful and positive state of mind.
  • Family Support: Maternity leave promotes family participation, which provides a strong base to the mother’s mental health.
  • Self-Care Opportunities: Mothers have time off to take care of themselves, concentrating on physical and mental recovery.
  • Transition Ease: The returning to work after the maternity leave is even smoother, because of gradual transition that helps preserve mental health.

Enhance Father’s Mental Health

Father’s mental health is an important aspect that seems to be neglected in the discussions of maternity leave in Saudi Arabia. The benefits extend beyond the mother, positively impacting fathers in various ways, such as:

  • Increased Involvement: The paternity leave makes the fathers to engage in childrearing which helps them develop a closer relationship.
  • Reduced Stress: Through sharing responsibilities, fathers get less stressed which contributes to the overall well-being of a family.
  • Emotional Bonding: During the maternity period, if fathers spend time with their newborns in a quality manner then it increases the emotional link between both of them.
  • Role Redefinition: Maternity leave Saudi Arabia encourages fathers to reshape their positions and get rid of the traditional stereotypes, contributing to egalitarianism.

Recognizing the importance of engaging fathers during maternity leave in Saudi Arabia helps create a more favorable family climate. Focusing on paternal mental health is a complementary objective to the larger goal of improving family well-being through holistic maternity leave policies.

How Taking Maternity Leave Can Enhance Family Well-Being

Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is not just a break from work; it is a fundamental investment in family harmony and health. Here is how:

  • Quality Time for Family Bonding: Maternity leave fosters a conducive environment for spending quality time together.
  • Stress Reduction: By allowing mothers to focus on their newborns, it significantly reduces overall family stress levels.
  • Shared Responsibilities: Both parents actively engage in care giving, promoting a balanced and supportive family dynamic.
  • Emotional Support: Maternity leave ensures emotional support during the crucial early stages of a child’s life.
  • Strengthening Marital Bonds: The shared responsibility often strengthens the bond between spouses, creating a united front.

Taking advantage of maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is not just about adhering to legal requirements. It is a proactive step towards building a resilient and happy family.

Curious about how to apply for maternity leave? Then we will explore an easy method for doing so in the following sections.

What Rights and Responsibilities Does a Mother Have While on Maternity Leave?

Maternity leave in Saudi Arabia grants mothers essential rights and responsibilities, ensuring a supportive work environment during this critical period.


  • Protected Leave: Mothers are entitled to a designated period of maternity leave, safeguarding their employment status.
  • Healthcare Coverage: Employers must continue providing healthcare benefits to mothers during maternity leave in Saudi Arabia.
  • Job Security: Mothers have the right to return to their previous position or an equivalent role after maternity leave.


  • Timely Notification: Informing employers about the pregnancy and expected duration of maternity leave ensures smooth planning.
  • Compliance with Company Policies: Adhering to workplace guidelines ensures a harmonious transition during maternity leave.
  • Open Communication: Regular updates with the employer foster understanding and facilitate necessary accommodations during maternity leave in Saudi Arabia for expats.

Understanding these rights and responsibilities empowers mothers to navigate maternity leave seamlessly, promoting a healthy work-life balance.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Maternity Leave for Remote Employees?

Understanding the eligibility criteria for maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is essential for remote employees, ensuring fair treatment and support during this crucial time:

  • Post-Birth Employment Restrictions: After giving birth, employing a female worker within the next six weeks is forbidden. This period allows the mother to focus on recovery.
  • Extension Option: A female worker can extend her leave for an additional unpaid month, providing flexibility during the postpartum period.
  • Special Circumstances: If a child has health issues requiring continuous accompaniment, the female worker is entitled to one fully paid month after maternity leave KSA, with an option to extend for an unpaid month.
  • Protection from Dismissal: Employers are prohibited from dismissing or warning a pregnant or maternity-leave-enjoying female worker. This protection extends to illness, with proper medical certification and a maximum absence limit of 180 days per year.

These regulations emphasize the importance of supporting female workers during maternity leave in Saudi Arabia.

Maternity Leave Eligibility and Allowances

In Saudi Arabia, maternity leave spans 10 weeks, strategically divided to support mothers before and after childbirth.

  • Four Weeks Before Delivery: Mothers are granted this time to prepare for the impending arrival and ensure a stress-free transition.
  • Six Weeks After Delivery: Essential for postpartum recovery, this period allows mothers to focus on the well-being of both themselves and their newborns.
  • Extendable by One Month Without Pay: Flexibility is offered, allowing mothers to extend their leave by an additional month, although without pay.
  • Leave Salary Admissible: Half the salary is admissible if the employee has served for one year. For those with three or more years of service, full salary is granted.

These provisions underscore the commitment of Saudi Arabia to support working mothers. Understanding maternal leave in KSA is vital for expectant mothers to plan effectively. The allowances reflect a thoughtful approach, balancing the needs of both employees and employers in the kingdom.

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Concluding Remarks

maternity leave in saudi arabia

In conclusion, maternity leave in Saudi Arabia is more than just a break from work; it is a vital support system for mothers and families. The eligibility criteria ensure inclusivity, allowing remote employees to access these crucial benefits.

Understanding rights and responsibilities during maternity leave is paramount, providing mothers the needed recovery time while fulfilling their duties to employers. Pittant stands ready to assist, offering guidance and support for a smooth experience.

By actively promoting family well-being and enhancing both mothers’ and fathers’ mental health, maternity leave contributes to a harmonious family dynamic.

Would you like to know more about this and othe topics? Then, visit our insights section. If you have any questions, contact Pittant.

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