The Ultimate Employee Onboarding Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide for HR Managers

employee onboarding checklist

Onboarding is an important event for both employees and HR managers. It is the time where they invest in employees; turning them into committed workforce members.

HR managers have to oversee a lot of things when onboarding employees. To help make their work easier, we bring the ultimate new employee onboarding checklist that will work as a step by step guide for them. It will help make sure that you have covered all the essential tasks with an HR onboarding checklist.

With an onboarding process timeline, HR managers have a better experience with checking-in with the new hires and getting all the matters sorted in a timely manner. Usually the onboarding process timeline goes like this:

  • Before the onboarding of employee
  • First day of onboarding
  • Second day 
  • First week
  • First month
  • 30-60-90 check-ins

Mastering Onboarding: Essential Steps for HR Managers

By mastering the art of onboarding, the HR Managers make sure that the experience is a pleasant one for both the employee and the employer. After all, it is all the small gestures and the tiny thoughts put into things that shape a bigger picture.

Following all the essential steps of a well thought out onboarding plan, HR managers make the process of onboarding a smooth transition for the workers.

Critical Role of Onboarding in Employee Retention and Productivity

Onboarding has a vast role in retention of employees and seeing their productivity evident in their work. A well-structured and organized onboarding will help them form long lasting relationships with the company by truly understanding the company’s vision.


Onboarding Documents

Essential Checklist for Employee Onboarding Documents

Here is a employee onboarding checklist to assist you with employee onboarding documentation:


  • Prepare employment contract
  • Give them the offer letter
  • Register the employee in the attendance portal
  • Enter employee information in necessary work portals
  • Add employee to necessary lists and groups
    1. Email list
    2. Phone list
    3. Task assigning groups


The Ultimate Checklist for New Employee Training

It is not good to overlook or neglect employee training. Training new employees helps you with explaining things to new hires they would have not come across otherwise. It also saves any gap in their knowledge of your organization and its working.

  • Train them in your company specific softwares
  • Organize training sessions
  • Go over all the relevant details


Why is an Employee Onboarding Checklist Important for New Hires?

A new hire onboarding checklist is important because it makes sure all the operations are run smoothly and there are no hurdles or gaps in the employee knowledge. It is important because it familiarizes the employees with the company culture, the work setting, and their team. It also makes the new hires feel heard, seen, and valued.


Checklist for Cultural Integration of New Hires

A work culture is significant in attracting and retaining new hires. Oftentimes, employees stay in a company or leave it only because of its culture: either it spoke to them or it didn’t connect with them. It is important to have an HR onboarding checklist on hand so you can introduce employees to the work culture of your workplace.
We bring you some great points to have on your employee onboarding checklist for new hires:

  • Share with them about the company
    1. Tell them the values of company
    2. Explain the mission and vision statement of the organization
  • Arrange a meeting of the new hire with all the people they will be working with:
    1. Their team
    2. Management team
  • Support them to build connections with their team
  • Arrange for a welcome event
    1. Orientation 

Checklist for New Employee Technology Setup

It is the digital age; the era of technology and innovation. That makes it all the more important to ensure that the new employee has a smooth technology setup. It not only avoids any potential problems but also makes for a more productive addition to your workforce. Here’s your new hire employee onboarding checklist:

  • Create the new employee’s email account
  • Add them in any relevant work groups
  • Make sure their work equipment is running and updated


Valuable Checklist for Employee Feedback Collection

Human nature is to learn and grow. People managing human resources have a great understanding of this. Feedback helps us move forward with a better perspective and improve the overall experience and morale of the organization.

Asking the right questions will get you better answers. Here is a valuable checklist for employee feedback collection:

  • Prepare a checklist form
  • Have clear questions
  • Make sure an anonymous option is available
  • Have them do a SWOT analysis

Checklist for Follow-Up with New Employees

Have a follow-up with your new hires. 

  • Follow up with the employees
  • Ask for feedbacks from the whole team
  • Ask your new hires if they have understood the company culture, values and their tasks


Assessing Success: Checklist for Evaluating the Onboarding Process

By assessing whether your onboarding process has been successful, you can take into account what you plan to integrate in your future onboarding sessions. Here is a checklist to evaluate your effective onboarding process:

  • Come up with check-in plans of a determined time after onboarding a new hire
    1. 30 days
    2. 60 days
    3. 90 days
  • Study the turnover rates
  • Follow-up with that feedback
  • Have the new employees fill out an onboarding survey
  • Arrange for an interview


Onboarding is a significant event for both the employee and employer. HR Managers have a greater role to play in making sure that the effective onboarding process has been successful without any bumps down the road. It is an efficient and organized way to have a checklist in hand or a paperless onboarding process clear in mind.


  • What are the onboarding stages in HR?

There are different stages of onboarding in HR:

  • Orientation
  • Training
  • Introducing the employee with the company culture
  • Familiarizing them with the team


  • What are the 4 C’s of employee onboarding?

The C’s of employee onboarding are:

  • Compliance
  • Culture
  • Clarification
  • Connection


  • What is the checklist for onboarding?

A checklist for onboarding is a way for HR managers to guide new employees in a more organized way.

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