Average Salary in Saudi Arabia: Salary Guide for Professionals

average salary in Saudi Arabia

Understanding average salary in Saudi Arabia provides crucial insights for professionals navigating the job market landscape. Examining salary trends offers valuable benchmarks for job seekers and employers alike. Analyzing salary data across industries is essential for informed decision-making. By default, employees in Saudi Arabia typically have a salary range from 5,520 SAR (representing lower salaries, with actual wages possibly falling below this) to 23,584 SAR (indicating higher salaries, with actual earnings potentially exceeding this amount).

In this article you can learn about average salary in Saudi Arabia. Is indispensable for individuals and businesses alike.

Average Salary in Saudi Arabia by Industry 2024

average salary in Saudi Arabia

In 2024, the average salary in Saudi Arabia displays notable discrepancies across different industries. Examining industry-specific salary data is imperative. What is the average salary in Saudi Arabia? What is the average salary in Saudi Arabia for foreigners?

Accounting and finance

Cracking the code of UAE accounting and finance salaries can leave even seasoned professionals confused.

Sectorial Secrets Unmasked:

  • Corporate Crusaders Wield Financial Maces: Chartered accountants command near 248,000 AED annually, safeguarding corporate treasures with meticulous precision. Meanwhile, internal auditors stand vigilant, securing coffers for 76,000 AED, ensuring their counterparts wield financial expertise effectively.
  • Investment Alchemists Transmute Numbers into Gold: Financial analysts transform raw data into financial riches, averaging 199,000 AED yearly. However, investment bankers navigate intricate deal-making, wielding financial sorcery for a staggering 199,000 AED, transmuting opportunities into even greater financial rewards.
  • Tax Titans Conquer Regulatory Beasts: Taming complex regulations for 120,000 AED, they shield clients from the labyrinthine legal landscape, ensuring they retain their hard-earned wealth.

Experience Equation Unraveled:

  • Fresh-Faced Frontiersmen Forge Ahead: Young graduates enter the fray, wielding 71,000 AED, honing their skills with each passing year, climbing the ladder of experience. As their expertise grows, so do their earning potential.
  • Mid-Career Masters Ascend: Seasoned veterans, armed with 5-10 years of experience, climb the ladder, earning 120,000 AED, their expertise commanding higher rewards. This transition from entry-level to mid-career marks a significant leap in earning potential.
  • Executive Echelon Reigns Supreme: Decades of wisdom translate to stratospheric salaries, exceeding 248,000 AED for these grizzled veterans, their experience a valuable asset. This peak of the experience equation reflects the immense value placed on wisdom and seasoned expertise.

Location Lens Reveals Nuances:

  • Dubai’s Riches Beckon: The pulsating heart offers salaries 10-20% higher than outlying regions, a siren song for the ambitious, promising greater financial rewards. This vibrant hub attracts talent with its bustling economy and diverse opportunities.
  • Abu Dhabi’s Jewel Glistens: The capital attracts talent with its glittering salaries, offering enticing opportunities. Remember, however, other emirates hold hidden gems, each with its own unique average salary in Saudi Arabia landscape.

Construction and Property

Navigating the network of UAE construction and property salaries can feel like reading an ancient code.

Construction Activists Build Fortunes:

  • Skilled laborers wield tools for 126,000 AED yearly, shaping the UAE’s skyline. Imagine wielding a welding torch to create intricate steel structures.
  • Project managers command 188,000 AED, orchestrating construction symphonies. Think conducting a team of professionals to ensure a project runs smoothly, from groundbreaking to ribbon-cutting.

Property Prodigies Score Deals:

  • Real estate agents navigate intricate transactions, averaging 130,000 AED. Picture yourself guiding clients through the exciting journey of buying or selling their dream property.
  • Property developers envision and sculpt cities, earning 200,000 AED and beyond, their vision shaping the landscape. Imagine transforming barren land into bustling communities, leaving your mark on the UAE’s ever-evolving skyline.

Design Delineators Craft Dreams:

  • Architects translate dreams into blueprints, averaging 165,000 AED. Think sketching and designing buildings that will stand for generations.
  • Interior designers transform spaces, earning 140,000 AED, their artistry enhancing lives. Imagine turning ordinary spaces into functional and beautiful havens.


The UAE’s HR sector serves as a linchpin, supporting the multifaceted industries that thrive within its borders, spanning finance, hospitality, construction, and technology.

Salaries in the HR domain in the UAE exhibit considerable variability, predominantly contingent upon the specific industry in which professionals operate. Industries experiencing high demand for talent, such as finance or technology, often boast HR roles with more lucrative compensation packages.

  • This phenomenon is attributable to the specialized HR functions requisite in these sectors and the fierce competition for skilled personnel.

Additionally, the level of professional experience serves as a pivotal determinant in shaping HR salaries. Entry-level positions typically offer modest remuneration, while mid-level and senior roles demand a wealth of experience and a demonstrated history of success in HR management, thereby commanding more substantial compensation.

Seasoned HR professionals, particularly those adepts in areas like talent management, compensation and benefits. Also, organizational development, often secure premium salaries owing to the strategic insights they offer.

Moreover, the educational background and acquisition of professional certifications wield considerable influence over HR salaries in the UAE. Those equipped with advanced degrees, such as a Master’s in Human Resource Management (MHRM). Or prestigious certifications like the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

  • Otherwise, frequently eligible for higher-paying positions, reflecting their specialized expertise and competencies.

Furthermore, the size and scale of the employing organization play a pivotal role in determining HR salaries, with larger multinational corporations typically offering more generous compensation packages compared to smaller enterprises or startups.

As the UAE remains a focal point for economic activity and innovation, HR professionals must remain attuned to industry dynamics and continuously enhance their skills to maintain competitiveness in the job market.


Among the ever-shifting sands of the UAE, the salary landscape for legal professionals is a whirlwind of complexity, swirling with diverse influences that paint a vivid picture of compensation dynamics across myriad roles and experience levels.

  • In this bustling nexus of commerce and enterprise, the UAE beckons legal practitioners with a wealth of opportunities spanning a vast spectrum of sectors.

Experience stands as a towering pillar in shaping the salary panorama for legal professionals in the UAE. Fresh-faced attorneys may find themselves at the foot of the salary mountain, while their seasoned counterparts. Steeped in years of practice and adorned with a cloak of expertise, ascend to the summit.

  • Also, commanding premiums for their invaluable insights and adept handling of intricate legal matters.

Furthermore, the place arena of legal specialization exerts a profound gravitational pull-on average salary in Saudi Arabia bracket. Lawyers entrenched in high-demand sectors such as corporate law, mergers and acquisitions. Or intellectual property rights revel in the glow of more substantial compensation packages.

In the realm of educational pedigrees and professional certifications, legal professionals brandishing advanced degrees from esteemed institutions or adorned with specialized accreditations in areas like international law or arbitration often find themselves perched atop the salary pyramid, their elevated qualifications casting a long shadow over salary negotiations.

Moreover, the organizational casts a formidable shadow over average salary in Saudi Arabia. Gargantuan multinational corporations and esteemed law firms dangle the carrot of generous compensation packages. To entice top-tier legal talent, while smaller firms may find themselves grappling with the constraints of more modest remuneration structures.

The average salary in Saudi Arabia per month for legal professionals in the UAE is a woven from the threads of experience, specialization. As the legal landscape continues to evolve, adept at navigating the intricacies of the job market and seizing opportunities amidst the shifting sands of the UAE.


In the scenery of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), manufacturing salaries are influenced by several critical factors:

  • Firstly, job roles significantly impact salaries.
  • Secondly, experience serves as a crucial determinant.
  • Thirdly, educational qualifications play a significant role.
  • Additionally, industry demand affects average salary in Saudi Arabia levels.
  • Moreover, company size and location influence salaries.

Furthermore, the manufacturing sector encompasses various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Within this dynamic setting, salaries can vary substantially based on the specific industry and job role.

Consequently, professionals must stay abreast of market trends and invest in continuous skills development to optimize earning potential.

Marketing and digital

The average salary in Saudi Arabia for marketing and digital roles in the UAE is intricate and multifaceted. However:

  • Job titles and responsibilities are pivotal factors. Moreover,
  • Experience and track record significantly shape salaries. Additionally,
  • Educational qualifications also hold considerable sway. Furthermore,
  • Industry demand and competition play crucial roles. Moreover,
  • Organizational size and reputation impact compensation. Consequently,
  • As the UAE fosters innovation, professionals must navigate complexities for career progression.

Procurement and supply chain

Salaries in procurement and supply chain roles in the UAE are influenced by various factors.

  • Professionals play essential roles in ensuring smooth operations across industries.
  • Job titles and levels of responsibility significantly determine salaries.
  • Experience is pivotal in shaping salary prospects.
  • Industry demand and competition affect compensation.
  • Larger organizations tend to offer higher salaries.
  • Professionals must remain attuned to market dynamics for career progression in these roles.


Salaries in sales roles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are influenced by various factors, creating a diverse compensation scenery. Key considerations include the industry of operation, level of experience, individual performance, and the specific organization. Below are essential points to understand about sales salaries in the UAE:

  • Industry Impact: Different industries offer varied compensation, with sectors like real estate, retail, and technology often providing competitive salaries.
  • Experience Matters: Entry-level sales positions may have lower salaries, while seasoned sales managers or executives often command higher compensation packages.
  • Performance Incentives: Sales roles frequently incorporate performance-based incentives, commissions, and bonuses, allowing individuals to augment their base salaries based on achievements and meeting sales targets.

Understanding these factors is crucial for professionals navigating the sales landscape in the UAE, enabling them to make informed career decisions and maximize earning potential.


In the dynamic realm of technology in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), salaries for professionals in this domain are intricately woven into a tapestry of influences. Here are additional insights into technology salaries in the UAE:

  • Job Title and Hierarchy: Primarily, the hierarchical positioning within a technology role plays a pivotal role in shaping average salary in Saudi Arabia structures. Positions like software engineers, IT managers, and data scientists often boast higher earning potentials compared to entry-level counterparts.
  • Experience and Expertise: Also, the depth of professional experience and specialized expertise greatly impacts salary brackets. Employers highly prize proficiency in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.
  • Educational Qualifications: Furthermore, advanced educational attainments or certifications in technology-related fields often serve as gateways to higher-paying roles. Continuous education and skill refinement in emerging technologies can further bolster earning prospects.
  • Industry Demand: Moreover, industries undergoing rapid digital transformation, such as finance, healthcare, and e-commerce, offer enticing salary packages to attract top-tier tech talent. Organizations prioritize candidates who possess the acumen to drive innovation and technological advancement.
  • Location: Additionally, the geographical context plays a significant role in salary differentials, with cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi emerging as lucrative hubs for technology professionals. The cost of living and demand-supply dynamics further influence average salary in Saudi Arabia negotiations.
  • Benefits and Perks: Lastly, beyond base salaries, technology professionals often enjoy a plethora of benefits and incentives, including health insurance, retirement plans, performance bonuses, and stock options. Startups and tech firms may sweeten the deal with flexible work arrangements and avenues for career growth.

Overall, the technology sector in the UAE beckons with promising prospects for skilled practitioners. Remaining abreast of industry trends, sharpening technical competencies, and fostering professional networks are pivotal strategies for optimizing earning potential in this dynamic field.


The average engineer salary in the UAE varies greatly depending on several factors:

  • Experience: Young graduates typically start around 80,000 AED annually, with salaries increasing significantly with experience. Mid-career engineers (5-10 years) often earn around 140,000 AED, while highly experienced professionals can exceed 263,000 AED.
  • Specialization: Different engineering disciplines have varying salary ranges. Petroleum engineers generally command higher salaries (around 243,000 AED) compared to civil engineers (around 130,000 AED).
  • Location: Dubai typically offers 10-20% higher salaries than other emirates. However, consider cost of living variations to get a clearer picture of affordability.
  • Company and Industry: Multinational companies and specific industries like energy or construction might offer higher salaries than smaller firms or less dynamic sectors.
  • Negotiation Skills: This can significantly impact your starting and future salary offers.


Determining the exact salary for doctors in the UAE is complex, as it depends on a variety of factors.

  • Starting salaries: Entry-level doctors might start around 70,000 AED annually.
  • Mid-career: Doctors with 5-10 years of experience could earn 120,000 AED or more.
  • Experienced specialists: Leading specialists with extensive experience can reach salaries exceeding 250,000 AED.

The Increase in Average Salary in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Salaries Soar: A 6% Surge Awaits in 2024!

Buckle up, Saudi job seekers! The economic winds are shifting, and your paychecks are poised for a stratospheric 6% leap in 2024. Cooper Fitch, renowned recruitment oracle, predicts this optimistic surge, echoing the momentum of the diversifying Saudi economy.

Buckle up further, for over 50% of employers are wielding salary-boosting magic wands, some conjuring bonuses as substantial as three months’ pay.

Vision 2030 Unveils Its Secret Weapon: Diversification

This ambitious government plan, a shimmering jewel in the economic landscape, aims to sever dependence on oil, birthing a vibrant tapestry of new industries and job opportunities. Skilled professionals, rejoice! Your expertise unlocks doors to this burgeoning kingdom, with demand soaring and salaries skyrocketing.

Employment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

average salary in saudi Arabia

Engineers, wield tech-magic, shaping modern marvels. Entrepreneurs, ignite innovation’s inferno. Data sorcerers, unveil hidden patterns, guiding businesses to riches. Therefore, hone your skills, for they are your currency! The more polished, the wider the doors opening to untold possibilities.

Furthermore, network with seasoned professionals, attend industry gatherings, and unearth government initiatives that propel your career. Remember, a proactive spirit is your compass to success.


In conclusion, delving into the scenery of average salaries in Saudi Arabia is imperative for professionals. The interplay of diverse industry dynamics, nuanced job roles, and varying experience levels underscores the importance of thorough research and adept negotiation skills.

Furthermore, maintaining a keen awareness of evolving market trends. Also, industry shifts professionals to navigate the Saudi employment landscape with confidence and foresight. Contact us to learn more.

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